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Brooke Hall from Scituate, MA asks

Hi Mr. Marchand, My question what is your favorite part of being a part of the bruins off the ice? Thanks!

Hi Brooke
My favorite part of being part of the Bruins off the ice would be the area and the fans. Boston is such a cool town to live in with so much to do and such a great sports city. - Brad

Camryn from Merrimac, MA asks

Have you missed Tyler over in Biel as much as I have ???? And when are you going to get a Twitter!?

Hi Camryn
I do miss Tyler and all the boys. As far as twitter, I tried it and it is not for me. Maybe down the road. - Brad

Dick Attridge asks

Great home page. Can't wait until this lockout is over. No Bruins hockey is killing me.

Hi Dick
Thanks for the website compliment. We are happy with how it came out as well. Can’t wait for the lockout to be over either!! - Brad

Lorri Bannister from Springhill, NS asks

This isn't a question, just a comment of thanks. My son is Bretton Bannister who was granted a phone call from you along with a couple of signed pictures, a jersey, and a T-shirt. I just wanted to say thank you once again and let you know how much of an impact that made in his life. For a lot of his doctor appointments he wears his jersey or T-shirt so he can be tough like you. He purchased a Brad Marchand hockey card this summer at a flea market and has it in his wallet so he can have you sign it someday when he has the opportunity to meet you. I tell a lot of people about your phone call and memorabilia and how you kept the contact going with a further T-shirt and a second signed photo. I hope my comments influence others on how you are as a person. Thanks again for taking the time to speak with Bretton as he was in such shock he doesn't do much speaking during the phone call.

Hi Lorri
It was my pleasure. Please tell Bretton I said hello and hopefully we can catch up again soon and I can sign that card for him. I’ll try to make arrangements for that! - Brad

Andrew Thompson from Rumford, RI asks

First off, what you and your fellow Bruins did yesterday was a class act. On the opening night of hockey, you guys went out and made a lot of young fans a lifetime memory. That is why I love this sport and this team. Which leads to the question: Ever think of coming back to Providence and doing something like that?

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for the kind words.  My teammates and I enjoyed skating with the little guys and girls.  Its always fun to see their expression and can remember being that age on the ice. We are going to try to do something similar again soon. - Brad


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